Refrigeration Information Monitor

Επισήμανση προϊόντος

Η αντλία υγρού ψυκτικού Co2 βαθμολογείται τώρα στα 80 bar

Σε όλες τις αντλίες ψυκτικού υγρού HYSAVE® LPA® έχουν ανατεθεί σχεδιαστικές εργασίες

Οι θερμοδυναμικές αρχές του LPA

Τα περισσότερα τρέχοντα συστήματα ψύξης και κλιματισμού απορρίπτουν 20% έως 40%

Refrigeration Information Monitor

GPRS / Ethernet 24VDC Information Monitor

  • 11 weeks back up
  • pressure inputs 4
  • temperature inputs 10
  • digital inputs 2
  • kWh inputs 2


Data is averaged per minute and transferred every 15 minutes to a nominated server for reporting or raw data retrieval.

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One Response to “ Refrigeration Information Monitor ”

  1. Louis λέει:

    I want to thank you for introducing this monitor to me. After setting it up on our refrigeration pack we were able to discover just how efficient or unefficient our refrigeration was and I must confess, it was costing us much more than we thought. Without any capital investments, we were able to fine tune our system controls and improve the systems efficiency by 16%. We are now considering LPA to further reduce energy consumption by a predicted 21%. This should translate into savings of 21,500 / year.

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